Engage. Communicate. Interact. Sustain.

 Generating engagement

As storytellers, we focus on strategy, messages and audience, and how to align them. We work to understand objectives, and how success will be​ measured.​​

As designers, our attention to branding, appearance, layout, and detail defines all that we do: from a simple presentation to the complete onsite delegate experience. As a result, our work looks great and works effectively.

Working on our clients’ core teams, we listen, analyze, and conceive strategies. We challenge stakeholders and established ideas, thinking critically and creatively, to produce successful events.

We are facilitators, guiding and working with our clients to conduct interactive and productive meetings. We shape the delegate experience, beginning with the first ‘save the date’ announcement. During the event, we present, reinforce, and embed the content and meeting goals so that after the sessions, ideas grow into actions that are spread throughout the organization, effecting change.


 Meeting needs

Our MtgWorksTM interactive iPad service is the result of 30 years of innovative interactive and events experience. Our goal: to maximize the potential of your events. We facilitate conversations that yield the collection and analysis of meaningful data. The result: we transform lives and companies with the discussion, debate, and the change we help initiate.​

 Event services

  • Scripting
  • Strategy
  • Theme development
  • Pre-event content creation
  • Technical design
  • Scenic, staging and seating design
  • AV management & productions
  • Design, presentations and event branding
  • Motion graphics, animation & video modules
  • Custom screen formats
  • Facilitation
  • Team building activities
  • MtgWorksTM interactive iPad service
  • Interactive kiosk support
  • Custom apps and widgets
  • Exhibits
  • Guest speakers and entertainment
  • Gala dinners, award shows
  • Party environments
  • Logistics​

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