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Strategic creative.

Designed and delivered.

Selected work




Defining the look and feel for a new culture within GSK R&D. Elements included the identity lockup, style guide, infographics, and implementation across a range of comms and training.

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Integrated Talent Management


Clean design and copywriting helped create stronger teams in an integrated business environment.


GSK US Vaccines

Strategic creative, meaningful language, and thoughtful design create motivation for a fresh ambition.

Engaging Design

Snapshots of campaign design elements like infographics, strategy graphics, and documents for downloading, all of which work together or as standalone comms.


An explainer animation created to raise awareness about shipping Dangerous Goods.

Communicating GSK's Integrated Talent Management programme to managers to help develop and build stronger teams.

This data lifecycle management primer highlights the importance of global information and records retention.

Fully animated speaker support choreographed in tandem with live presenter to a live audience introducing a new digital recruitment tool.

A motivational story, six months into the pandemic, showcasing efforts of US Vaccines to protect more patients.

A short motion graphic story that provides easy to remember tips to improve your general health and wellbeing.

Design + Interactivity with Ceros

Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that allows designers, communicators, and marketers to create exciting interactive experiences. We helped launch use of the Ceros digital platform with R&D in 2019. More recently we were asked to create interactive comms for US Pharma and Global Tech.