Designers​ and Storytellers​

​In creating the revolutionary cubism movement, artists would analyze objects, break them up and reassemble them in an abstracted form. Instead of depicting objects from a single vantage point, they would portray the subject from many perspectives to represent the subject in a greater context. At Cubist Media Group, we approach our work in the same way as Leger and other Cubist painters—creating greater meaning and value for our clients and their target audiences.

We are collaborative strategic co​mmunications partners. We develop creative and technical solutions for businesses to deliver global communications, education, advertising messages and entertainment.

Starting with a focus on strategic creative and great design, we deliver global campaigns, live events, video, animation, interactive, web and more. Our multidisciplinary team of storytellers collaborate using the latest technologies in a unique project studio.

From our base in Philadelphia we have established a global reach. Our team has the experience and knowledge to understand the intricacies of creating programs for global audiences. In countries with different languages, social traditions and customs, we tell stories that meet audiences where they live.

 On our palette

Let's talk about how our learning program experiences can in​crease employee engagement.
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